miércoles, julio 28, 2010

School Life

This is the description of the university campus (URBE). This internationally recognized university with 20 years of experience has the largest campus among all private universities in the zulia state, with 59,471 m2 of construction, with 7 buildings in it: a,b,c,d,e,f,g of 3 floors each, and 168 rooms with capacity for 11,800 people per shift ( day, evening and night) also equipped for with computers and video projection equipment and many more classrooms specialized for each career.

lunes, julio 05, 2010

This is my neighborhood

I live in Maracaibo in a sector called "Belloso is a quiet, but when they arrived about noon, in heavy traffic, is adjacent to the" Saladillo "in the Old City Central. I have trusted my friendly neighbors and I love helping people. From my house to URBE not long in coming. In front of my house, cars passing routes Belloso and 18 October. ¡Go to gizzard, cousin!

My Running Errands


This world cup has been one of the most awaited by the fans. This is being done in Sudrafrica, full of great expectations and technology. The teams were distributed and until now the least expected to be eliminated, such as France, Italy, Argentina, Portugal. I must say that my team was preferred GERMANY, due to my family are fans with long feeling, which I wish you the best success. Congratulations.

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